Congratulations to all the bands that took part in the 2012 National Championships over the weekend.

First Section

Test Piece: ‘VIVAT!’ – Tom Davoren
Adjudicators: Frank Renton & Kevin Wadsworth


1. Unite the Union (City of Sheffield), Derek Renshaw, (Yorkshire)
2. Burry Port Town, Michael Thorne, (Wales)
3. Yorkshire Imperial Urquhart Travel, David Nesbitt, (Yorkshire)
4. Wardle Anderson Brass, Steven Walsh, (North West)
5. Shepherd Group, Richard Wilton, (North of England)
6. Becontree Brass, Adam Cooke, (London & Southern Counties)
7. Clackmannan District, Paul McKelvie OBE, (Scotland)
8. Phoenix West Midlands Brass, Trevor Jones, (Midlands)
9. Foresters Brass 2000, Peter Collins, (Midlands)
10. Brunel Brass, John Winterflood, (West of England)
11. Ratby Co-operative, Michael Fowles, (Midlands)
12. Dalkeith & Monktonhall, James Chamberlain, (Scotland)
13. Lewis Merthyr, Gareth Pritchard, (Wales)
14. Westoe, Jason Smith, (North of England)
15. Rainford, Neil Samuel, (North West)
16. MK Brass, Craig Patterson, (London & Southern Counties)
17. Chalford, Steve Tubb, (West of England)

Best Instrumentalist: Steve Machin (baritone) – Unite the Union

Second Section

Test Piece: Academic Festival Overture (Brahms arr. Dr Denis Wright)
Adjudicators: John Maines & Melvin White


1. South Milford Brass, Martin Hall, (North of England)
2. Bilton Silver (Rugby), David Stowell, (Midlands)
3. Haslingden & Helmshore, David Holland, (North West)
4. Mossley, Duncan Byers, (North West)
5. Llwydcoed, Nigel Seaman, (Wales)
6. City of Bradford, Lee Skipsey, (Yorkshire)
7. Coalburn Silver, Gareth Bowman, (Scotland)
8. Croy Silver, Kenneth Blackwood, (Scotland)
9. Shirebrook Miners Welfare Unison, Mark Wilcockson, (Midlands)
10. Goodwick Brass, Matthew Jenkins, (Wales)
11. Lympstone South West Telecoms, Charles Fleming, (West of England)
12. Thundersley Brass, John Ward, (London & Southern Counties)
13. Chalgrove, Terry Brotherhood, (London & Southern Counties)
14. Otterbourne Brass, Gareth Pritchard, (West of England)
15. Clifton & Lightcliffe, John Clay, (Yorkshire)
16. Littleport, Nigel Bramley, (London & Southern Counties)
17. York Railway Institute, Gordon Eddison, (North of England)

Best Instrumentalist: Paul Bennett (horn) – Bilton Silver (Rugby)

Third Section

Test Piece: ‘Three Ancient Customs’ – Richard Huw Cole
Adjudicators: Dr Chris Davis OBE & Mark Wilkinson


1. Hitchin, Craig Patterson, (London & Southern Counties), 9
2. Elland Silver, James Shepherd, (Yorkshire), 14
3. Trinity Girls Brass, Stuart Barton (North West), 5
4. Whitworth Vale & Healey, John Binns, (North West), 18
5. Jedforest Instrumental, Phil Rosier, (Scotland), 1
6. A.W. Parker (Drybrook), Steve Ruck, (West of England), 16
7. Epping Forest, Denis Desmond, (London & Southern Counties), 13
8. Ibstock Brick Brass, Huw Thomas, (Midlands), 2
9. Pontypool Brass, Mike Davies, (Wales), 11
10. Bream Silver, Bryn James, (West of England), 3
11. Ripon City, Malcolm Dibb, (North of England), 12
12. Besses Boys, James Holt, (North West), 6
13. Long Eaton Silver Prize, Sharon Stansfield, (Midlands), 8
14. Daventry Brass, Bob Stradling, (Midlands), 4
15. Ogmore Valley Silver, Alice Jones, (Wales), 15
16. Perthshire Brass, George Annan, (Scotland), 10
17. Emley Brass, Garry Hallas (Yorkshire), 7
18. Kirkby Lonsdale, Allan Greenwood, (North of England), 17

Best Instrumentalist: Stuart Black (flugel) – Jedforest Instrumental

Forth Section

Test Piece: ‘A British Isles Suite’ – Jonathan Bates
Adjudicators: Colin Hardy & Mike Kilroy


1. Norfolk Wherry Brass, Andy Craze (London & Southern Counties)
2. Parr Band (Richardson Ltd), St Helens, John Ludden (North West)
3. Andover Town, Steve Legge, (West of England)
4. Golborne, Paul Andrews (North West)
5. Darwen Brass, Steve Hartley, (North West)
6. Ireland Colliery (Chesterfield), Ian Knapton (Midlands)
7. Kingdom Brass ‘B’, Andrew Duncan, (Scotland)
8. Linthwaite, Tony Jaeger-Fozard, (Yorkshire)
9. Armthorpe Elmfield, Haydn Griffiths MBE, (Yorkshire)
10. Hawk Green, Neil Hewson, (North West)
11. Cleobury Mortimer Concert Brass, Steve Pritchard-Jones, (Midlands)
12. Severn Tunnel, Joshua Ruck, (Wales)
13. Amersham, Paul Fisher, (London & Southern Counties)
14. Dunston Silver, Steven Archer (North of England)
15. Wilton & District, Colin Herbert (West of England)
16. Launceston Town, Dave Dobson, (West of England)
17. Kingsway Printers Cleethorpes, Steven Askew, (North of England)
18. Bon Accord ‘B’, Richard Kidd, (Scotland)
19. Rhyl Silver, Keith Jones, (Wales)
20. Burbage (Buxton), Steve Critchlow, (Midlands)
21. Bletchington Silver, Nigel Hall, (London & Southern Counties)
22. Midsomer Norton & Radstock Silver, Joanne Sykes, (West of England)
23. Newhall, Kevin Holdgate, (Midlands)

Best Instrumentalist: Leigh Sharpe (cornet) – Norfolk Wherry Brass