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Started Playing at the age of 5 back in 1979 being taught by Mr Rushworh Harry and Mr Brian Stevens, joining Pendeen Silver Band on 3rd cornet when 6yrs old, progressing to 2nd Cornet and staying there till i was 11. I took to the Solo Cornet line, third man down, and there i stayed until i reached 14. I was later offered the Principal Cornet Position, there i moved until i left the band in November 1996 to join the Royal Air Force.

Whilst serving in the Royal Air Force, i’ve played in the RAF Lyneham Band and Benson and Roke Brass. On returning back to Cornwall in May 2005 i was over the moon when asked to go back to Pendeen Silver Band on Principal Cornet.

I’m married to Sally, have two great children Ashlee and Jessica, 2 Horses (Charlie and JJ) two dogs (Scooby and Guinness), and a very skinny wallet.

I live in Helston. I’m an Aircraft Technician in the Royal Air Force, but currently i’m a instructor, teaching at RAF St Mawgan, Newquay.

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