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I was first introduced to music at 6 years old (1979) by my dad who presented me with a cornet. I wanted to play trombone but wasn’t big enough and still arn’t today. My dad taught me to play and over the years I progressed to 2nd Cornet to Rep and then onto Solo Cornet. I originally played with Penzance Silver Band before moving to Hayle Junior Band and then into Pendeen Silver Band.

I took a few years out from Pendeen Band to pusue my musical career, playing keyboard in a musical duo called ‘Fire ‘n’ Ice’, I still do this today and am pleased to say we are a very successful duo. I returned to Pendeen on Solo Cornet and after a few years I moved onto Flugel Horn in 2005.

A vacancy came up within the band for a Solo Horn player and I was asked to play this until we found someone else. After a few weeks and many ‘off beats’ I decided to stay there, (its also good to have a lip left at the end of a practice).

I am a teaching Assistant working on a one-to-one basis at Gulval CP School, Penzance. In November 2010 another shift around came within the band, i was asked to go back on Flugel Horn. After some consideration, i decided to make the move as there are only a certain number of off beats to play in a life time and i have sure had my share.

I am now playing Flugel Horn and this time i shall not be moved!!!!!

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