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My musical interest started at about age 7. At the age of 11, St. Minver Silver Band had opened their new bandroom. A couple of people I knew had joined. I started to learn on baritone, soon apparently being capable of playing in the senior section. I then progressed to euphonium.

In the early 1970’s I went back to London and did not play for 5-6 years. On returning to Cornwall I picked up where I had left off and rejoined St. Minver. By the 1980’s Jack had retired and Chris Taylor was taking the band. He was a good euphonium player and had a musical family.

Chris moved on and the band had one or two musical directors, eventually there became a vacancy and no applicants. I was asked if I would “give it a go” and so started my conducting career.

I enjoyed developing the band and the music they played, but missed playing. I started to attend contests with Bude and we had mixed results in local and regional contests, with a 2nd at Torquay, at which time I was playing Eflat bass! I was still conducting at St. Minver and playing at Bude, when I received a ‘phone call from the late Mickey Hunt, then MD at St.Breward. Mickey needed a solo baritone player for Truro contest and would I consider “helping out”.

There started a 10 year period of playing, again through the range of baritone, then euphonium and subsequently alternating between trombone (2nd then solo) and Eflat bass. At various times I have made “guest appearances” for various bands including Launceston under Nick Chadd . I joined St Newlyn East for a brief spell, playing euphonium, trombone and baritone in the short time there.

I have been introduced to Pendeen, where I can now enjoy whatever is to come!

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