Photo of John Adams
John Adams
BBb Bass
Photo of Rebecca Allen
Rebecca Allen
Solo Cornet
Photo of Anton Barnes
Anton Barnes
Solo Trombone

Began playing the Trombone at the age of 10. Played for and with most of the local brass bands, as well as time in the Cornwall youth jazz orchestra.

I came back to Pendeen 8yrs ago after a break from playing.

Also play the viola with the Penzance orchestral society, Cornwall chamber orchestra, sinfonia of St. Mary’s, as well as the Cornwall youth orchestra.

Photo of Pete Bawden
Pete Bawden
1st Baritone
Photo of Megan Clemens
Megan Clemens
2md Cornet

I started playing the Cornet at Trythall School when I was 7 years old. I was being taught by Willoughby King when I took my grade 1 exam and was glad when i passed.

A couple of years ago I went to join Penzance Band to see what it was like and decided that the time was not right for me to join, but now at the age of 11 I came to Pendeen Silver Band and have now progressed to Repiano Cornet in the main band.

I also play Guitar, Percussion, which I have passed Debut Grade and am currently waiting for my Grade 1 results, Recorder, Penny Whistle that I taught myself and also Keyboard that I also taught myself. I have just had my Grade 1 Percussion results and am pleased to say i have passed with Distinction.

Photo of Andy Fox
Andy Fox
Eb Bass

My playing career started with St. Erth Band in 1978, at the tender age of 7. My first instrument was the Flugel Horn, followed by Tenor Horn, Baritone and then Euphonium. I became Solo Euphonium player for St. Erth in 1985.

Whilst at school, I joined the Penzance Youth Wind Band, playing both Euphonium and BBb Bass. I took part in a number of tours with the band, culminating in the very successful visit to Concarneau in 1987.

In September 1985, I was one of the founder members of the Cornwall Youth Wind Orchestra. Our first concert took place in City Hall, Truro under guest conductor Geoffrey Brand.

In 1986, I joined St. Ives Town Band as second Euphonium, and enjoyed several very successful years, before heading off to University in 1990.

My playing career was then put on ice for nearly 20 years, until I was persuaded to play Eb Bass for Porthleven Town Band in 2009.

I joined Pendeen Band in July 2010.

Photo of Steve Garner
Steve Garner
Solo Cornet

Started Playing at the age of 5 back in 1979 being taught by Mr Rushworh Harry and Mr Brian Stevens, joining Pendeen Silver Band on 3rd cornet when 6yrs old, progressing to 2nd Cornet and staying there till i was 11. I took to the Solo Cornet line, third man down, and there i stayed until i reached 14. I was later offered the Principal Cornet Position, there i moved until i left the band in November 1996 to join the Royal Air Force.

Whilst serving in the Royal Air Force, i’ve played in the RAF Lyneham Band and Benson and Roke Brass. On returning back to Cornwall in May 2005 i was over the moon when asked to go back to Pendeen Silver Band on Principal Cornet.

I’m married to Sally, have two great children Ashlee and Jessica, 2 Horses (Charlie and JJ) two dogs (Scooby and Guinness), and a very skinny wallet.

I live in Helston. I’m an Aircraft Technician in the Royal Air Force, but currently i’m a instructor, teaching at RAF St Mawgan, Newquay.

Photo of Christopher Hatch
Christopher Hatch
Soprano Cornet

I started in Pendeen Band in 1979, age 7, after hearing a demonstration of a trumpet at primary school. Taught initially by Sidney Perkins I start on cornet and in no time had whizzed my way through “A Tune A Day” Books 1 & 2 and was ready for the main band.

In about 1981 the band decided to enter Penzance Contest and needed a Soprano player and I moved to that position where I stayed until 1990.

In 1990 I departed for University in Southampton and joined the City of Southampton (Albion) Band. There I initally played Solo Cornet for a year before Soprano became available and i moved into that position again. COSAB played in a few contests in those years in the 4th section.

During this period I went on tours of Germany and Cornwall with the band. In 1995 however I moved again to deepest, darkest Dorset and joined Verwood Concert Brass, a 1st section band, on cornet. After a couple of years I moved surprisingly to Euphonium briefly before later moving back yet again to Soprano. Additionally I was Vice-Chairman of Verwood for a couple of years.

An 2001 I returned to Southampton and rejoined COSAB, this time on Solo Horn initially, before moving to Solo Cornet a couple of years later and moved my way from 4th man down to 2nd man down during that time. Over these years I toured with the band in places like, the Isle of Wight, Weymouth, The Algarve and Southern Germany. The band also preformed in the Royal Parks in London, at the London Marathon and played off many cruise liners including the QM2. Additionally in 2007 I became Chairman of the band.

Finally in 2011 I returned to Pendeen, on Soprano and became band Secretary.

Michael Hoad
2nd Baritone
Photo of Derek Jeal
Derek Jeal
Eb Bass

My musical interest started at about age 7. At the age of 11, St. Minver Silver Band had opened their new bandroom. A couple of people I knew had joined. I started to learn on baritone, soon apparently being capable of playing in the senior section. I then progressed to euphonium.

In the early 1970’s I went back to London and did not play for 5-6 years. On returning to Cornwall I picked up where I had left off and rejoined St. Minver. By the 1980’s Jack had retired and Chris Taylor was taking the band. He was a good euphonium player and had a musical family.

Chris moved on and the band had one or two musical directors, eventually there became a vacancy and no applicants. I was asked if I would “give it a go” and so started my conducting career.

I enjoyed developing the band and the music they played, but missed playing. I started to attend contests with Bude and we had mixed results in local and regional contests, with a 2nd at Torquay, at which time I was playing Eflat bass! I was still conducting at St. Minver and playing at Bude, when I received a ‘phone call from the late Mickey Hunt, then MD at St.Breward. Mickey needed a solo baritone player for Truro contest and would I consider “helping out”.

There started a 10 year period of playing, again through the range of baritone, then euphonium and subsequently alternating between trombone (2nd then solo) and Eflat bass. At various times I have made “guest appearances” for various bands including Launceston under Nick Chadd . I joined St Newlyn East for a brief spell, playing euphonium, trombone and baritone in the short time there.

I have been introduced to Pendeen, where I can now enjoy whatever is to come!

Photo of Darren Jenkin
Darren Jenkin
Musical Director

I started playing the cornet with Penzance Band in 1979 aged 8. I joined Hayle Junior Band at the age of 14 before progressing into the senior band. I joined Pendeen Band in 1987 on 2nd cornet and after a short time started playing solo cornet. Over the years I have also played soprano cornet (very briefly!!), principle cornet, solo horn, flugel horn (for one concert), solo trombone and Eb Bass (for one concert!).

I have also played Bb Bass (don’t think Derek Greenwood was over impressed!), principal tamborine, solo timpani and first glockenspiel at various contests with the band and bass drum at various marching engagements. I had been playing solo euphonium for the last few years and I don’t think I could get a note out of a cornet now if you paid me!

I am married to Susan-Ann and together we have a beautiful little girl called Kerris, who was born in May 2007. I also have an older daughter, Kayleigh and 2 sons, Jonathon and Liam.

Photo of Nicola Jenkin
Nicola Jenkin
Flugel Horn

I was first introduced to music at 6 years old (1979) by my dad who presented me with a cornet. I wanted to play trombone but wasn’t big enough and still arn’t today. My dad taught me to play and over the years I progressed to 2nd Cornet to Rep and then onto Solo Cornet. I originally played with Penzance Silver Band before moving to Hayle Junior Band and then into Pendeen Silver Band.

I took a few years out from Pendeen Band to pusue my musical career, playing keyboard in a musical duo called ‘Fire ‘n’ Ice’, I still do this today and am pleased to say we are a very successful duo. I returned to Pendeen on Solo Cornet and after a few years I moved onto Flugel Horn in 2005.

A vacancy came up within the band for a Solo Horn player and I was asked to play this until we found someone else. After a few weeks and many ‘off beats’ I decided to stay there, (its also good to have a lip left at the end of a practice).

I am a teaching Assistant working on a one-to-one basis at Gulval CP School, Penzance. In November 2010 another shift around came within the band, i was asked to go back on Flugel Horn. After some consideration, i decided to make the move as there are only a certain number of off beats to play in a life time and i have sure had my share.

I am now playing Flugel Horn and this time i shall not be moved!!!!!

Photo of Charlotte Kevern
Charlotte Kevern
1st Horn

I started playing in the band when I was 7 years old. My dad, Jonathan Kevern (EB Bass), first taught me but I am currently being taught by Darren Jenkin.

I started on 3rd Cornet but have now moved onto horn.

Photo of Jacob Kevern
Jacob Kevern
Photo of Jonathan Kevern
Jonathan Kevern
Eb Bass

Started my brass banding years learning cornet in the junior band and progressed to the front rank cornet line in the senior band. I currently play the Eb Tuba, a little heavier than the cornet to carry around but just the best instrument in the band to play!!:-)

I have a daughter, Charlotte, who plays cornet and a son, Jacob, who is learning Euphonium and Drums.

Married to Liz, thanks to you for your support with everything that goes on in a family which is BAND-MAD

Shona May
3rd Cornet
Sinead McArdle
3rd Cornet
Photo of Sally Owen
Sally Owen
1st Horn
Photo of Alan Penrose
Alan Penrose
Solo Cornet

I started playing at the age of 10, joining Pendeen Junior Band, being taught by Rushworth Harry and Claude Nicholas. I stayed with the band until 1988 when I joined the Camborne Town Band under the direction of Steve Sykes and later Dereck Greenwood; doing several prestigious contests and a tour to Holland.

I rejoined Pendeen again as principle cornet in 1994 after a few years off. I now play solo cornet after relinquishing the principle seat in 2005.

Photo of Paul Pickford
Paul Pickford
Tuned Percussionist
Photo of Simon Smith
Simon Smith
Michael Wearne
Bass Trombone

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