Beginner Classes

Learn to play brass

Learning to play an instrument, any instrument, is a very rewarding experience and something that you can keep with you throughout your life. It can be just a hobby to keep yourself amused or it can be taken further to entertain family, friends or even whole audiences. You can play alone as a soloist but we feel it is even more rewarding is to be a part of a larger group like Pendeen Silver Band.

Who can Learn?

It is never too late to start to learn music, but it is certainly preferential for you to start as early as possible. The younger mind has been shown to learn much more easily and quicker than a more mature mind. But don’t let age put you off from learning.

However it is not advisable to start playing a brass instrument before about the age of 7 years old. This is both because of the stresses on the young body can be too much and because the embrasure (mouth shape) is not developed enough for a brass instrument before this age. You should, however, not let youthfulness from putting you off from learning on a less stressful instrument (such as the recorder) because the lessons learned on a different instrument can certainly be brought forward to the brass band world once you are old enough and your body has developed enough.

Beginner lessons

Monday evenings, 6:30 until 7:15pm, we run beginner lessons at the band room. These Beginner’s Band sessions are always full of fun and entertainment, and have been shown to help progress the individual student as well as introduce them into a band environment, where they learn to help and respect other members of the group.

When confident enough, and have reached a certain level, students will be offered the chance to progress to the Junior Band and eventually the Main Band. No pressure is put on the student to do this however. Here they will be supported by more main band members and introduced into the main band environment.

At our two main concerts of the year (Band Week Concert and Christmas Concert), we often feature the beginners group of players (still supported by their main band members) playing various pieces of music.